Spring 2019

We were tasked with creating the brand identity and full marketing site for a new recommendations platform that provides a highly-curated experience to discover new spots around your city.

It is hard to sift through touristy attractions and harsh one-time reviewers to find hidden gems in your own city and even harder while traveling. 


We needed to create the brand identity and fully responsive marketing site for Butter, a new recommendations platform that provides a highly-curated experience to discover new spots around your city. Scout Studio was involved in the early stages of the project defining target audience types, researching brand competitors, and developing the brand.

My Role
As one of two designers, I worked closely with our two developers in an agile environment to make our client’s vision a reality. I worked both independently and collaboratively through branding development and UX/UI design, always making sure to communicate effectively with the rest of my team.

Research & Discovery

During this process we created mood boards to make sure our vision of the product’s personality and visual identity were aligned with our client’s. We also created user journeys to get an idea of who would be using the marketing site and why, as well as initial logo explorations. Later we created 4 more in-depth user personas to direct our branding work and make sure we always stayed aligned with our target users. In the middle of the semester, our client changed the name of her product from ‘Mend’ to ‘Butter’ due to another app named ‘Mend’ gaining a larger following. Although, it was a challenge to have to rethink parts of our branding process, we all became a part of the renaming process and were able to give the product a more solid identity.

Site Mapping & Wireframing

We created a few various site maps that each highlighted different information. The site map that we chose to go with had a robust homepage with strong brand introduction and multiple call to actions.


Style Tiles


Final UI Designs

While the developers started coding the architecture of the site, we began to finalize all the design assets, like the final colors, patterns, and icons. We needed to create a system that our client would be able to use when she started the development of the mobile app. We worked as a team to make sure that all of the UI was consitent throughout the website.


Brand Book

We launched the fully functional Butter marketing site at the end of April 2019. The site was optimized for the client to easily add and edit content using TakeShape CMS. We also delivered full brand guidelines and assets for when the client expands to a mobile app. I also learned how to design a responsive site and comply with accessibility requirements so the site can be usable by everyone equally.

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